Working Papers:

  • Auction Mechanisms and Treasury Revenue: Evidence from the Chinese Experiment (with Dakshina De Silva, Liyu Yang and Hisayuki Yoshimoto). New version coming soon. Available upon request.
  • Free-Riding and Synergies in Procurement Design. New version coming soon

Work in Progress:

Other Publications in Economics:

  • Market Power and Competition Intensity in the Brazilian Market of Banking Loan (with Paulo F. Azevedo and Marcelo Cardoso), Forthcoming, Revista Pesquisa e Planejamento Econômico.

Publications in Other Fields:

Book Chapters:  

  • An Analysis of the Different Concession and Governance Frameworks for Public Bus Transportation System in the City of Sao Paulo (with Luis Vasconcellos, Frederico Turolla, Marcelo Allain, Jorge Pires, Helcio Takeda, Igor Gondim and Priscila Ribeiro), In Série de Cadernos Técnicos, São Paulo, The World Bank/ANTP/EMTU, 2015 (In Portuguese).
  • The Brazilian Procurement System of Price Registration, In Aperfeiçoando a Qualidade Regulatória, Eduardo Fiuza and Lucia Helena Salgado (editors), Rio de Janeiro, IPEA, 2015 (In Portuguese).
  • Government Procurement and Public Policy in Minas Gerais: The Profile and the Role of Public  Procurement in the State (with Fernando Blumenschein, Seiji Fetter and Luis Fernando  Rigato Vasconcellos), In Séries Estados Brasileiros: Minas Gerais, Klenio Barbosa and  Renata Vilhena (editors), Rio de Janeiro, FGV, 2015 (In Portuguese).

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